Pre/Post Natal Physiotherapy

Antenatal Physiotherapy

Treatment of musculoskeletal issues that arise from pregnancy such as:

Advice on continuing to exercise safely throughout pregnancy

Assessing pelvic floor function and helping to prevent post-natal pelvic floor issues

Assisting in your physical preparation for labour with breathing techniques, birth positioning advice, perineal massage advice, TENS

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Back Pain

Post Natal Physiotherapy

Advice on returning to exercise safely

Assess and treat pelvic floor problems e.g. weakness, incontinence, prolapse, pain and help to re-educate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Assess and treat diastasis recti / abdominal separation following pregnancy

Assess and treat C-section scar including effective scar massage and appropriate treatment options to maximise recovery and mobility of the abdominal tissues. You will be shown how to continue with this treatment and self manage at home.

Assess and treat any musculoskeletal problems after pregnancy including upper/lower back pain, pelvic pain advice and tips regarding lifting & carrying your baby, breastfeeding positioning, reclaiming your posture postnatally once post natal, always post natal! It’s never too late to come for an assessment and work on your post natal condition.

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